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Welcome to Bristol and District Triathletes (BAD Tri)
We are a triathlon club founded to serve multisport athletes of all abilities in the greater Bristol area. We aim to support triathletes in all their aspirations from sprint distance to Ironman and beyond. We also support athletes in single discipline and other multi-discipline sports; on or off road; in training and racing; in starting out, starting over and breaking records.
Our ethos is one of inclusivity and enjoyment. We want to encourage people to make the most of their abilities and opportunities, but we also want people to have fun in the process. Our interest in training and competing may be our raison d'etre... however, we also have an integral interest in a healthy (social) life!
BTA Star Accredited Club
We are a British Triathlon 'STAR accredited' club, which means we have demonstrated high standards in coaching, participation and running our club.
We currently have 665 BAD Tri members (2014/15). At the end of the last membership year (31st March 2014), membership reached 775.
Affiliation: We are affiliated with three regulatory bodies: (1) the British Triathlon Federation (through Triathlon England), (2) the Road Time Trials Council, and (3) British Cycling. This means that you can race under the BAD Tri name at triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, road cycling races and time trials. More information